How to Export and Then Upload Your Tracks for Mixing

eMasterSound Mix Preperation

  1. Use Groups and Busses
  2. Get a Great Static Mix
  3. Apply EQ to Get Clarity
  4. Apply Compression to Get Punch
  5. Apply Reverb and/or Delay to Create a Sense of Space
  6. Use Panning to Take advantage of Full Stereo
  7. Use Automation and Effects to Create Motion

We follow a plan: a roadmap to get your mix done and back to you, ASAP.

Upload Your Tracks

If you’re unsure how to export files. Please read the following carefully before uploading your tracks.

If you’re ready, click Start Your Project.

If you are ready, export the individual tracks in your song. If you’re unsure how to export the individual tracks in your DAW recording software program, select the appropriate link below (don’t send DAW session files).

A Step by Step Guide to Exporting and Uploading


Step 1

eMasterSound Engineer will add the best effect from premium professional hardware and software plugins that out weight the cost to you. So, please remove all effects, compressors, and limiters including all processing when you export your stems. If you have an instrument or vocal with an effect you would like to keep, you may do so on an FX track but, please remove any limiters on that track. Vocals must be completely dry with no effects, compressors or limiters. Also, make sure you name your stems accordingly and in order.


Step 2

Ensure your tracks are in either.WAV FORMAT, at 32-bit float resolution. Although, these audio file formats can also be imported: Wave (Normal or Broadcast). AIFF and 24, or 32-bit float resolution.


Step 3

This is optional but if you include the tempo of your song, your song’s key as well as a reference mix it’ll make us love you even more.


Step 5

Zip up your files to save time uploading. If you need help zipping read: How to Zip Up Multiple Files.



You Are ready to Upload!

Are you sure? Okay here goes. Upload your song by selecting “START YOUR Project” from below. Don’t forget to use the same email address you specified during checkout so that we can send you your completed song.

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Don’t Freak-out

Having trouble uploading? If this isn’t working, you can upload your file to your favorite file sharing site and send it via our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us for assistance, we are always happy to help.

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